Oman Living

Life Styles in Oman


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Oman Living

Living in Oman

Lifestyles of Omani are very relaxed. The omani currency is the Rial which is pegged to the US Dollar. For facts on Oman check out the CIA report. If your interested in the human side of Oman then there are a number of books you can read on the subject.

Have a look at Amazons selection for ideas.

Cost Of Living in Oman

This questions a bit like how long is a peice of string but let's say that the average labourer earns approximately 150 Rials a month and management earns approximately 1000 Rials a month. The Dollars to Rials to conversion rate is approximately 2.5:1. So in normal speak that's 1 Rial buys you 2.5 US Dollars.

The standard of living is fairly high in Muscat but once you leave the capital conditions deteriorate considerably. Muscat is very beautiful and a beautification policy is in place in the city. They spend alot of money on making the city look attractive.

There are a number of big shopping centres in the city too that can give you much better prices than your local stores. Carrefour and Lu Lu are the two big shopping centres.

Muscat Night Life

Muscat has two main areas in it's night life presently. These are the Grand Hyatt Hotel and the Intercontinetal Hotel. Both hotels have related bars and have live bands which are rotated on a 3 month basis. If you are a big party animal suggests you try Dubai for this kind of experience.

Muscat is a very relaxed environment and we throughly recommend coming to this lovely city to experience it's unique culture.

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