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oman car insurance

Omani Car Insurance

When driving a car in oman it is compulsary to have third party car insurance. If you take out finance on a car in Oman then it is compulsary to have comprehensive car insurance. In this way cars all insured in the Sultante of Oman.

Driving in Muscat can be a bit tricking at times when compared to western standards and as a result there are numerous accidents on the roads in Oman's capital Muscat. This means that for your own financial well being insurance should be a must even without Government intervention.

Comprehensive Oman Car Insurance

Comprehensive Oman Car Insurance is more expensive if you drive a sports vehicle i.e. a car with only two doors. For this and other reasons many omani's drive larger cars. Comprehensive insurance does carry a excess cost which is the cost before the insurance puts in any money. This cost varies depending on the agreement with the insurance company.

Car insurance in Oman is usually done with the help of the car dealer. You should really look to get better quotatitions through and other insurance agents.

Third Party Car Insurance

Third party car insurance cover is the most common car insurance in Oman. This cover pays out after the excess for any cars or pedestrians in the unfortunate event that you may collide with them. This is essential in that medical bills and more expensive cars will often incur far more expenses than your own vehicle.

These are the two main car insurance covers offered in Oman, namely comprehensive car insurance and third party car insurance.

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