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Muscat insurance

Muscat Insurance

Muscat is the capital of Oman and under the leadership of his majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said the insurance industry has been allowed to grow unlike in some other GCC states. Car insurance in Oman and Muscat in perticular is a governmen decree. This means that if you drive a car in Muscat or Oman for that matter you need to have third party car insurance.

Muscat Car Insurance

When getting car insurance in Muscat always look to get the best rate available from people like ourselves as many car dealers are happy to sell you insurance at a bit of a premium.

Oman companies are now also adjusting the insurance premiums for on yor historical records so if you have past no claim records you should make your insurance provider aware of this fact. Muscat as a city has good roads and plenty of speed cameras. Still some of the driving can be a little less than desirable if ou come from western country. Try to practice defensive driving in muscat and this will help you keep a clean sheet.

Muscat Life Insurance

Companies in Muscat generally provide health cover but they usually leave out the life insurance cover. This is due to historical religious reasons but it is a good idea to have life cover if you are supporting a family or may need to consider your childrens future. While the state does support families currently that are left destitute it is always better to protect your families future. Life insurance gives this protection that you need.

Life in Muscat is very good in general and Muscat is the second cleanest city in the world after Singapore. The tap water is drinkable and there are many monuments in Muscat with an official beautification policy been decreed by the Sultan. This makes living in Muscat a wonderful experience.

Other insurance products are available from this website for Muscat insurance. Check out the related links and you should be able to find whatever insurance cover you are looking for. There is alot of development in Oman and espcially in Muscat so if you are coming here be sure to get your insurance at

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