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Arabic English Conversions

Arabicinsurance understands the need to provide further information on the Arabic language. As many of our clients are English speaking we thought we would provide you with some Arabic English translations so that you could better understand the people in the region a bit better.

Common Arabic Phrases

Here are some of the more common arabic phrases:

English :    Arabic :
Peace be with you or
Peace be upon you (Greeting)
- As-Salaam alaykum
And with you peace or
On you be peace (Reply)
- Wa alaykum as-Salaam
Hello - Marhaba
Goodbye - Ma`asalaama
How are you? - Kayf Halak / Keyf al-lak
I am fine (thanks be to God) - Al-hamdu lellah
If God wishes - Inshaallah / Inshalla
Thank you - Shukraan
You`re welcome - Afwan
No thank you - La Shukran
Yes - Na`am / Aiwa
No - La / Laa
Ok (Fine / Good) - Zain
Problem - Mushkela
Excuse me - Afwan / Ismah lee
I am sorry - Ana Asif
How much? - Bikam?

We strongly suggest you learn to say Mushkela.

Arabic Numbers

Just if you were wondering the arabic numbers are the same in English as in Arabic. What you will commonly see is that the Arabs will use the Hindi numbering system.

The English numbering system was copied from the arabs and I guess the best numbering system won out in the end rembering that the old Greek numbering system had been used before that.

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